Israel’s Mossad Chief Says, ‘Iran Today is the North Korea of Yesterday’, Urges World to ‘Act Now’ to Stop Iranian Nukes

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen has called on the world to “act now” to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb, Israeli media reported Sunday.

“Today’s Iran is the North Korea of yesterday, and so we need to act now so that we don’t wake up to [an Iranian] bomb,” Channel 2 on Sunday cited Cohen as saying.

According to the report, Israeli security officials have warned against taking a hard line against Iran, fearing that Israel will make the same mistakes the U.S. did by entering Iraq in pursuit of WMDs in the 2000s.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the UN General Assembly in New York. Netanyahu said he will use the speech to warn against the growing Iranian military presence in Lebanon and Syria. According to Israeli sources, it will mark the first occasion the prime minister directly addresses Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

“Israel will not tolerate an Iranian military presence on our northern borders. An [Iranian] military presence endangers not just us, but also our Arab neighbors,” Netanyahu told reporters on Friday.

Last week, Netanyahu said the deal, signed under the Obama administration in 2015, should either be amended or scrapped entirely.

“Our position is straightforward. This is a bad deal. Either fix it — or cancel it. This is Israel’s position,” he said.

On Sunday, Breitbart Jerusalem cited Channel 2 as saying that Netanyahu plans to present President Donald Trump with a detailed proposal outlining how “to cancel or at the very least introduce significant changes” to the deal.

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