Protection From Good and Evil

man praying for protection of evil and good

The threat of hell is terrorism and a weapon used by religions to make people do anything possible to join their congregations. Whatever the threat is, the only solution to it is to stop the activities that go against it. Anybody who considers going against this description of reality is on the side of good and can be anything he or she wants to be. The devils know this and are playing their trump card.

I met a Buddhist country boy in the mountains of North Wales called Mark. No one had met him in person and no one knew what kind of work he did. I spent some time with him talking about his work and what else was involved in his role. We ended up talking for some time and he freely shared some aspect of his life.

His family have a farm and he and his wife operate it and he was always out working on it when the children were young and it provided the family with the means to survive. He was quite clear that his main occupation in life had been to make a difference in people’s lives.

His example was that of a craftsman and so it was clear that he had a love for his work. His Shangri-La was out in the world where no one knew him. When he started out on his sentence he thought it would be easy because he had a unique talent and so he was certain it would happen easily.

The first block he had to overcome was to know that you have to make a decision to do anything. Once decisions are made they have to be enforced. If he had not made a decision by now he would not have made it and so the first of many decisions to change his life was this one. In a strange way this made it easier as the more decisions he made the harder it became to change them.

The second block was health. He had a health problem with lineage from unauthorized meditation and did not have access to a doctor. His wealth would help, he was sure of that. He also mentioned his health problem gave him a burden to carry. It was also mentioned that he was taken to the baby’s ward of a health care center. I know it sounds strange to the non-believers, but this was a health care center he was referring to. So he was presented with this health problem and using it to explain the reason for his work.

So in summary we have different points of view of ourselves as humans in relation to “God” or “Absolute without a shadow of grey”. These two views are apart and distinct and both have a significant place in human thought and belief. To take a short example one can compare the behavior of addicts and non-addicts. The non-addicts do things whether they are aware of it or not and yet they consider themselves free of any problem.

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Protection From Good and Evil

The crux of this argument is this: addictions have to have a beginning and so it is not possible to overcome them forever and that is not what is happening with these people. We can never overcome any form of addiction forever and so we have to understand that these habits have to have a beginning and so we are struggling with this in our own lives in whatever way we can.

For the first time in my life I see a clear pathway to understanding this issue. I have now reached the long-awaited conclusion that I can never understand fully as all the data is incomplete and imperfect and it is such because there is always a hidden meaning to everything and that cannot be expressed fully in words.

1- Believe in the links

So the first step that can be taken is to empathize with the other side and believe that we are just two-ways link; the conqueror and the conquered. To do this we have to believe that the other side has a purpose and have a reason for being here and the purpose cannot be fully understood by the human brain. The first step then, to fully understand the other side is to accept that there is a unseen world from the unseen world and thus the first step of understanding.

2- Feel the other side

The second step is to see the world from the other side; the world that is not seen, but felt. The way to begin to understand the world from the other side is to believe that the world is not what we think it is. To see the world from the other side, the view must turn upside down. Thus the very act of understanding the world would be the ultimate evidence in the world of understanding.

3- Believe in good

The third step is to perks up the other side. Believe that the other side is benevolent and that it has a Great purpose that can be achieved in this world and that the purpose is in our Self. Thus we begin to get a glimpse of the Unseen.

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