The Meaning of Life Is To Find Your Gift

the meaning of life is to find your gift

You are reading this article because you either identified yourself with this reality or you found yourself having a conversation about it. either way you are here. The journey of life is about unique journeys. Every journey unique to us has purpose. The purpose for the one you are now on is unique to you. You are not here by accident, you chose a special purpose specific to you. There is always a reason.

You can easily be pulled out of a particular reality such as you are one of the luminary ones, and you may be treating others as you pertain to them. Or you could be one of the crabs trying to force others into a particular role. It is important to remember you are a special compassionate light among the giants. And so you need to treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

The Meaning of Life Is To Find Your Gift

You are not the only one, there are many like you living this life. Give yourself a wonderful realization of how special you are and that you deserve only the best for yourself. You deserve the best and allow the Universal Source of Wisdom to filter to you the best solutions to your particular problem.

Who Am I?

For you are a unique light among the giants. There is a multitude of reality systems and beings that absorb your energy in many facets. In this system, you don’t belong nor do you want to be a special one although there are many of you that do. I want to remind you that you are all special in the eyes of God, the Universe, Source, Supreme Being.

Many of you are frustrated with your unwanted circumstances and others that you feel you must appease. Many of you are distracted from your dreams by your addictions, jobs, husband or wife, children, ex-spouses or friends. Life is not about you, your wants and desires, it is about the ones that share the same wavelength vibration as you. Give away yours and be content with the blessings that are given to others.

Gift of Life

You could be like the boy who wished his pet rock was a girl. It could grow to be a magnificent creature,joined to a lovely soul that couldn’t escape her rock. All you would need to do is pay attention to the dreams that come and go. Some of you are even unconscious of your dreams. Give yourself the gift of waking up to a beautiful world that is yours alone.

As you travel the path of life, you will encounter many obstacles and it is important to remember that they will not be there to challenge you, but to help you aid in accomplishing your dreams. They are also a way for you to aid others by guiding them though the obstacles that you encountered along the way, so that you take away something of value. To gift a computer to a young kid whose parents had passed away? To find a special place in the world where a family is reunited for a reunion period? To take an unconscious friend up to the top of a mountain so she can enjoy the view? All the value is wrapped up in the person getting a gift, but is it a person or place?

A Life of Purpose

Life lived without purpose is a quiet life, but one is devoid of passion. Do you value life as you value death? Brain death is followed by death. Are you willing to live a quiet life full of passively accepting circumstances and not acting on them, or are you ready to break the bonds of your life and take action? Only you can answer these questions. Start with you first, look inside for a reason. If you have no reason at all for having your current path, then there should be one to be followed.

Interrupt and interruptions become more frequent and unforeseen difficulties arise. Has your path been easier because you are able to fall back into your ‘normal’ life and Interruptions become more frequent and unforeseen difficulties arise. Does this sound like you? Are you Sound in your head? Are you cut off from yourself? Are you living in a fantasy world that is very seductively attractive, but deceives you?

A Conscious State

You lack true Consciousness and it is through this identity that you live your life and have your identity. You are what you identify yourself to be. To change your identity, one must change the persona. One must become more concerned with the beliefs one has about oneself.

To change your identification, you must become much more concerned with the state of being that you are in. This being knows far better than you do. This beingness is the one that you have simply moved into currently. Living your life in confusion and conflict is plenty enough to earth your current state.

You see, you are the creator of this state of affairs. The oneness in which you are, is not just the absolute state of fulfillment, nor is it simply happiness, nor is it simply love. The vision you hold of yourself is a create of your beliefs.

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