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If you are finding yourself at the end of the rope in terms of matters of your faith, you may want to read this first. It is not you, but your faith that is the problem. You have the ability to control what you do and what you do does not control you. The LORD controls.

Or do you think that because you go to church and sing praise songs and lift up your hands in church that you have showered the LORD with money, time, energy and commitment? overlooked the numerous church programs that are put in place by the church, mostly by those running the programs. The LORD is the one who pockets the monies. We throw money at the problems and enrichment to the people, but ignore the one who is the source of the abundance- Yours.

If you are poor and find that no one cares, it does not matter. You have enough. Give it away. Give it away until you run out of gas. Then you die. Just see what the LORD has in store for the people who ignore Him. Will a different set of rules apply? Not likely. The theme of our generation has been that God has allowed the bad economy to occur so as the country would have more tax bases and thus everyone would pay, not the people. The people have taken one look at the situation and decided it is not their problem any longer.

If you are very prosperous and do not understand why your business is going down, send the money to your church. They will find it someday. You may not be as successful financially, but you do not need the support of the church. They will help you in time of need. How important is it to the Lord is open to interpretation. The point is, send the money to where it was hard to keep it and put it to use for the purpose you intended.

There are many mixed messages in the book of Revelation. One of which is that it is finished, or it is about the future. Our future is not our concern, or it is for “my testimony.” As a person is no more or has no more use for the things of God; they move on to other things.

While the problem is written to conform to the religious needs of kings and leaders, there is a vast separation there is between those two and those who are called. This book is clearly about the way that the Gospel should be preached to the people.

Very little is known about Jesus Christ as the Scriptures make themselves known to the heart, mind, and spirit. The emphasis is upon the Messiah and His teachings. This is why the book Revelation is so important to the faith of all Christians. Revelation is not as much about Jesus as it is a record of the dialogue between an angel and a Christian. The Christian hearkens to these words “Behold I stand at the door and knock”.

The Christian has to know this; anyone who does not read the Bible is not a genuine Christian and is not even a member of Christ’s church. From the very beginning, the Bible made itself available to all people with guarantees.

The first leaders of the church and certainly the leaders before Christ came were all Bible people. People need to be led by somebody who was also very accessible to them and to listen to the voice of the prophetic.

The first leaders of the church were men who for one reason or another were in touch with God. Now, quite frankly, if you put Paul’s mind to it, there is no reason why a person, whatsoever humble, unassuming, unpretentious, unconcerned, and unlearned should not be able to join us in prayer and be able to write to people that are having difficulties with their faith.

The early church under the Holy Spirit was always in touch with the hearts of the people. The grasp on the issues of life was issued by the Holy Spirit and handled by men who were unfeigned in their trust in the faith, and in the True Knowledge of the Scriptures.

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